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Knowledge assessment

New England WormBoss PDS - Knowledge assessment questions

These knowledge questions were asked at the New England WormBoss PDS Workshop.

CORRECT is written after the answer recommended by WormBoss.

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1. What is the typical time required in the New England region to prepare low worm-risk spring lambing paddocks?

a. 21 days

b. 2 months

c. 4 months

d. 6 months CORRECT

e. Unsure


2. What are the two times when a drench should always be given in the New England region, regardless of worm egg count?

a. Joining and pre-lambing

b. Joining and at shearing

c. Pre-lambing and weaning CORRECT

d. Joining and weaning

e. Unsure


3. What data would you use to select a worm resistant ram?


b. Worm egg count ASBVs  CORRECT

c. Mob Worm test results

d. Eye colour score

e. Unsure


4. Barber’s pole worm needs what daily maximum temperature before they are able to hatch from the egg and become infective larvae?

a. 16°C

b. 18°C  CORRECT

c. 20°C

d. 22°C

e. Unsure


5. When doing a worm egg count in a barber’s pole worm region, what is the ideal minimum number of animals that should be sampled?

a. 5

b. 10

c. 15


e. Unsure


6. During preparation of a low worm-risk paddock, which of the following is NOT a suitable use of the paddock?

a. Graze with low worm egg count wethers CORRECT

b. Graze with cattle

c. Graze with horses.

d. Grow crops or hay

e. Unsure


7. What is the minimum drench/es recommended for a quarantine drench?

a. Any triple active.

b. Any single active shown to be effective on your farm in a drench test.

c. At least 4 unrelated drench groups including one of the newest drench groups CORRECT

d. Zolvix, plus one other drench

e. Unsure


8. How soon after an effective short-acting drench can worm eggs start to appear again in dung?

a. 10–14 days

b. 18–21 days  CORRECT

c. 25–30 days

d. 40–42 days

e. Unsure


9. When using the Barbervax vaccine, what period should NOT be exceeded between vaccinations?

a. 3 weeks

b. 4 weeks

c. 6 weeks  CORRECT

d. 8 weeks

e. Unsure