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Solve Your Current Goat Worm Problem

There is a Drench Decision Guide for each WormBoss region that will assist your decision on whether to drench now, whether to use a persistent drench and when to WormTest again.

Each Drench Decision Guide is easy to use. At each question, simply select the answer that applies to the mob of sheep you are considering drenching. In some instances a current WormTest (worm egg count) result will be required for the mob to make a sound decision.

A report will be produced showing the date, answers selected, a recommendation and associated information.

The Drench Decision Guides are suitable for most situations, however, they can not account for every factor affecting the health of your sheep. Always consider seeking professional advice specific to your property and sheep.

WormBoss Drench Decision Guide Regions for Goats

Select your region directly from the list, or use the map provided below to see a larger view of regions showing towns to choose your region.

Goat owners who only have a small number of goats and who are prepared to monitor and treat goats individually can use the Australian smallholders version.

  1. Western Australia
  2. South Australia
  3. Victoria
  4. Tasmania
  5. NSW central, southern and southwest
  6. Qld south and NSW northwest
  7. NSW northeast and Qld Granite Belt
  8. Rangelands (pastoral)
  9. East coast
  10. Australian smallholders
WormBoss Worm Control Program Regions for Goats